Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Pottery display: how much can we crop to make a more powerful image?

Originally uploaded by trudeau.
Photo rules of the week:

Get close.
Vary the POV.
Red sweater effect.
S curve.
Rule of thirds.
Kinetic energy.
Decisive moment.
Side lighting.
Link the bodies.
Break the rules.

terminology -
photos (Gk) - light / lux / luz
graphy (Gk) - writing
camera (Italisn) - room

ethnocentrism - belief that your nation or ethnic group is superior to all the others.
denote - describes something exactly.
connote - offers an implication.
overt - open.
covert - disguised.
arrogance - conceited.

blattaria germanicus
achievements of the Industrial Revolution.

camera tossing / cameratoss.blogspot.com
picasa editing tools, free download / picasa.com
googlefight.com / number of citations online.
worth1000.com / photoshopped photo contests for skilled photo manipulators.

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