Monday, January 23, 2006

Photo Show by geo students: your matte-mounted shot due on Mon, Jan 30

Show that you can follow the photographic rules we've studied! Choose S-curve, side lighting, decisive moment or another rules (or rules) to portray in the best photo you can make.

The Trudeau / Geography Photo Exhibit will last one week. Photos will be exhibited on a folding art display panel in the library. The nature of the display panel means that that these photos must Not be framed.

Please purchase a matte board (also spelled mat) - a cardboard frame - from Walgreen's, Michael's, Hobby Lobby or any store that carries your basic poster board-type stuff. The matte should fit around a 5X7 or 4X6 print. It will cost about $1.87.

The matte frame will give your photo extra impact. It is part of recognizing the power of neat and careful presentation tools. The beveled, precise cuts are almost impossible to duplicate at home.
Mattes can be color-keyed to enhance certain hues in your photo. Bring your photo with you to the craft store when choosing your matte and you will find terrific options.

If you don't have a camera, please shoot a photo at CMHS using the classroom camera. You need Not print out your photo on traditional glossy paper. You can print it on any copier, including the one in the school library.

15 pts.

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