Thursday, December 06, 2007

Beautiful Map project due Tues, Dec 18

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With the holidays and hand-made presents in mind, the Beautiful Map project will be quickly scored, displayed and returned - ready for presentation as a gift.

Please follow these guidelines -
1. Purchase a mat (stiff, cardboard frame) at a crafts store such as Michael's or art supplies section of any store.
2. You may choose the size of the mat and location to be illustrated. It may be a region, country, city or site.
3. Use water color or map pencils so as to bring shading to both water and land.
4. Identifications of cities, nations, bodies of water, etc, should be done
with calligraphic neatness.
5. Borrow from the style of antique maps:'
- compass rose
- small symbols
- multiple-line borders
- scroll
- wave lines
6. On-map framing pattern surrounds the map. A simple block pattern with contrasting colors will be adequate.
7. Print your name in the lower-right coner of the front of the map.

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