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Judaism exam review

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Open notes / geography / Trudeau / Judaism and the Middle East

1) If Christianity has about 2 billion followers worldwide and Islamic faithful are estimated at some 1.3 billion, what is the Jewish population? a) 15 million b) 33 million c) 100 million d) 150 million.
2) Christianity and Islam both developed from Judaism. T / F
3) The first 5 books of the Hebrew Bible are the Torah. The Hebrew Bible is what Christians call the a) New Testament b) Old Testament c) Torah d) Qur’an.
4) Judaism, Christianity and Islam have numerous items in common. One of their basic commonalities is a) monotheism b) polytheism c) atheism d) pantheism.
5) Both Judaism and Islam look to __ as their founder. a) Isaac b) Ishmael
c) Moses d) Abraham.
6) The most conservative and old-fashioned sect of Judaism - they always wear the yarmulke, pray 3 times a day and observe kosher - are the a) Orthodox b) Conservative c) Reformed.
7) This group of Jews believe in the moral and ethical teachings of Judaism but do not adhere to the ritual practices such as kosher, prayer and attendance at synagogue: a) Orthodox b) Conservative c) Reformed.
8) The Jewish sabbath is basically a) Friday b) Saturday c) Sunday d) Wednesday.
9) On the feast of Rosh Hashanah Jews fast and express regret for the sins of the past year. T / F
10) Passover celebrates the exodus of Jews from __. a) Israel b) Lebanon c) Egypt d) Roman Empire.
11) Jews believe that the moral laws were given to their representative, Moses, on a mountain in the __ peninsula. a) Sinai b) Arabian c) Korean.
12) Tel Aviv has a metropolitan population of about __ million. a) 2 b) 4 c) 5.
13) The population density of Louisiana as compared to Israel is much, much
a) higher b) lower c) the samer d) calmer e) saner f) at risk.
14) The predominant languages of Israel: a) Hebrew, Arabic b) Hebrew, English.
15) Which has the larger population, Israel or Lebanon? a) Israel b) Lebanon
c) neither d) Madagascar.
16) The lower half of Israel is composed of a) desert b) numerous ancient towns
c) resort developments.
17) The __ __ is disputed between Israel and its Arab neighbors and refugees. a) Sinai Peninsula b) Lebanese border c) West Bank d) Jordan River.
18) Jerusalem is part of the West bank area. T / F
19) The capital of Israel: a) Tel Aviv-Yafo b) Jerusalem c) Beirut.
20) Israel has beaches on the Mediterranean and the Red Sea/Gulf of Aqaba. T / F

Answers Judaism & Middle East
1. a 15M 2. T 3. b) 4. a) 5. d) 6. a) 7. c) 8. b) 9. T 10. c) 11. a) 12. a)
13. b) 14. a) 15. a) 16. a) 17. c) 18. T 19. b) 20. T

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