Friday, December 21, 2007

Happy holidays, dear students and parents and those taking the class who are not registered students or parents

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Over the holidays, take a break from videos, video games, MySpace, mindless munching, aimless muttering, random randomness, etcheterra, by . . .

Shooting a photo essay or video or writing descriptive notes on sorties such as (worth indy points for next semester, too) -

* Meadows Museum, Centenary College (they close early; call before you go)
* MultiCultural Center of the South, Tex St
* Norton Art Foundation Gallery, South Highlands
* Artspace, 710 Texas (my wife, Talbot, and I have art in the current show, Deck the Halls)
* Southern Univ Museum of Art, Tex St
* SciPort
* Red River Waterway Center (across the lot from SciPort)
* Metropolitan Museum of Art, NYC


* Art and map projects to be given as gifts (photograph or scan and email the image to me)
* Practice yoga / read more about it; teach your friends and family. It is
an effective antidote for holiday stress.

See you Jan 7, terrific ones.

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