Sunday, December 16, 2007

Week of Dec 17: Prep for semester exam / India reports / guideline review on comparison essays

Samantha Pullen vs. Amanda Foy
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Digital reports on topics regarding India, from the Taj Mahal to Bill Gates: please bring your report on India to class if you did not hand in your script when I gathered the written part of the report.

Students who submitted the written part on India received a 15. Those who submitted a note saying that the script was recorded or that the presentation was entirely on computer or flash drive, please bring it Tuesday so your points can be added.

A review of the Guidelines on comparison essays -

1. Snaqqy title
2. Explanatory subtitle
3. Colorful opening
4. "according to ... " / informal documentation in the first paragraph.
5. Blend topics in each paragraph; do not write a paragraph on one topic and follow it with another paragraph on the other topic.
6. Use details (numbers and examples, placed in parentheses) to bolster your generalities.
7. Proofread for grammar, awkward construction and spelling.

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