Tuesday, February 26, 2008

African island video, "Leopards of Zanzibar"

Originally uploaded by Farl
Swahili culture:
Somalia to Mozambique along the Indian Ocean. Once this was a region of ancient trading routes: men grew wealthy handling spices, ivory, slaves.

Swahili is a blend of Arabic, European and tribal words, Kiswahili is both a language and a name for the blended culture.

The people traditionally fish along the coral reef which surrounds their coastline. They cut the coral to make houses out of the stony material.
Coral is a slow growing organism but they live in an area of plenteous supply.

The principal character, Issa, makes his living as a free diver. He spends some 7 hrs a day in the water. He can dive as deep as 50 feet and stay under 3 mins at a time. His principal commodity is the edible octopus.

In this video Issa faces several challenges. One is how to bring his soccer team to the playoffs on the mainland. The second is how to make the money to pay the team's expenses.

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