Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The Continent of Africa, continent of Africa

Colors of Africa
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Your teacher says it twice because he'd like to remind you that it is not the Country of Africa. There are some 46 nations on the continent.

1. What are the principal ways the US relates to Africa?

2. List the problems faced by nations on the continent of Africa.

3. The world looks to the continent of Africa for mny resources. How many can you name?

Our focus nations:
1. Morocco, the crossroads-of-Africa-and-Europe nation.
2. Senegal, the French-influenced center of West African arts.
3. Nigeria, the English-influenced oil-rich US ally.
4. South Africa, the wealthiest and most advanced African nation in regards mining (diamonds, gold, etc), farming and urbanity (Johannesburg).
5. Kenya, the nation of safaris, Swahili and amazing wildlife.
6. Egypt, the land of the pharaohs and a cradle of civilzation.

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