Thursday, February 28, 2008

Danes and Vikings open-notes quiz Tues, Mar 3

Viking boat stern
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Samples questions . . .

Danes and Vikings review

1. Denmark is called a “kingdom.” T / F
2. It is the southernmost of the ___ countries. a) Viking b) Nordic c) European Union d) archipelagic
3. Name the island in the North Atlantic that is a Danish possession.
4. “Autonomous:” a) self ruling b) self starting c) self possessed d) self abnegatory.
5. “Adjudicate:” a) sweet-smelling shrub b) to be baked
c) to be judged d) to hop like a bunny rabbit.
6. We are said to live in a litigious society. Litigious means
a) bringin g a law suit b) frequent car wrecks c) murdeous.
7. In North America, the Norse firsdt settled in a) Nova Scotia b) Montreal c) Quebec d) Newfoundland.
8. The Vikings were farmers most of the year. T / F
9. Parliament and Congress are pretty much the same legislative organization. T / F
10. The Vikings avidly enslaved their neighbors after victories in warfare. T / F

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