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Vietnam Veteran interview due Th, Feb 21

ha long bay - vietnam
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First, please see the Five presidents in Vietnam Project, below. It is due Th, Feb 14. Having done the Five Pres report, you will have enough background to comfortably interview a Vietnam war veteran.

Question and answer format is fine. It should be about 1 typed page in length.

1. Name, branch of service.
2. Years served in Vietnam.
3. Your responsibilities in the service while in Vietnam.
4. Locations you visted in Vietnam and East Asia. In which place did you stay the longest?
5. The terrain of the Vietnam you observed.
6. Climate that you experienced?
7. Describe the people of Vietnam. Comment on their economy, their appearance and psychology.
8. What changes have occurred in your attitude toward the US role in Vietnam?
9. What should teens learn about the war?
10. Your favorite book or movie about the war?

If the veteran declines to answer a question or two, it is OK. Please record any reason he might have offered for declining.

If the vet seems talkative and helpful, please ask additional questions. This project, believe it or not, becomes part of history. It might be used in Am Hist class or another project.

Note-taking? It is not easy to scribble all the answers as well as you'd like to when doing an interview. If you have the ability to record the interview it will give you an advantage. Cassette tape recorders work well. Computers also have a recording function built in. You can record with a videocam or camera, too. Remember to get the person's mouth and the mic as close as possible.

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