Tuesday, April 01, 2008

The Trek of the Sudanese Refugees

One-page graphic summary of the journey of the Sudanese boys, completed in class Ap 1 -

- 3 pts
- your smart title.
- based on maps of Sudan and Houston.
- 10 key words in brief essay or bulleted notes.
- color
- show locations in their background.

Muslim fundamentalist
Christian Africans
tribal religions
Kakuma Camp

Peter Duit
Santino Chuor

Difference between conflicts in Darfur and Dinka-Nile region.
Dif between Baobab and Acacia trees.

Peter can speak Swahili, Arabic, Dinka and English.

White Nile (Mountain Nile) plus the Blue Nile eqauls what?
City of their confluence?

Issues -
No help from Americans in getting more education. Plenty of help regarding furniture.
Crime in Houston is daunting.
No appropriate mates.

Solutions -
Peter gets birth certificate that says he is 17. He enrolls in a good high school in Kansas.

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