Thursday, May 01, 2008

The Christian church is good to its adherents, but, heretics, beware

Get me to the church on . . .
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Galileo was a scholar with so many talents he could be called a
- polymath
- savant
- Renaissance man.

His discovery and development of the telescope led him to the heliocentric point of view of the universe. But because the Catholic church wasn't ready to change its thinking, he was called a heretic.

Heresy was punishable by the church court called the Inquisition by imprisonment or death.

Galileo was told to recant or die. He had to publicly give up his teachings, declare them false and then espouse the geocentric - so as to avoid death. He lived the remainder of his life under house arrest.

See bureaucrats. And dementors.

Rubric: guidelines (once written in red).
Sanguine: both blood (red) as well as healthy.

Are you orthodox in your thinking? Do you want to be more of a non-conformist?
Are you satisfied with the values of mainstream America?

One more word: lumen means "light." Lumenaria (candles whose light is diffused by a paper bag chimney) will be lighted at lee Hedges Stadium this weekend as part of the Relay for life celebration. It is a young person's fundraiser for the American Cancer Society.

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