Friday, May 02, 2008

The Paper Parthenon Project / a direct comparison to the Pantheon Project

The Parthenon
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Comparing two of the most famous and confusing historic buildings, the Pantheon of Rome and the Parthenon of Athens.

Pantheon: Pan - across - Theos - the gods.
Parthenon: Athena Parthagenesis (of a virgin birth)

Once housed 80 ft golden statue of Athena.

For 10 pts, include -
- Athens / Rome comparison of 5 items: population, cultural characteristics.
- small map of Italy and Greece.
- paper sculpture which includes -
- 2 pediments / one with sketch that indicates the relief sculpture.
- 8 columns, the second 4 being shorter so as to indicate linear perspective.
- representation in paper of the acropolis.
- " " " skyline of Athens.

Doric columns!

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