Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Performance Day for geography students is Mon, May 12

Performance day: on Mon, May 12, each class will go to the PAC so the piano and stage is available to students who have been taking lessons in music, dance and other performing arts.

Students need not be stellar performers to partcipate in this informal event. If they simply feel confident enough to perform a simple, brief piece before their classmates, they will make me happy.

Performance day is inspired by Beethoven, Bach (the whole family, some 13 Bachs listed as composers), Mozart and the modern German composers who have proven that this nation is extremely musical.

Students may perform on more than one instrument and I encourage duos and trios. Rock guitar is welcome as is the performance of martial arts and gymnastic routines. One of my students has promised a video herself leading her horse in European dressage.

if parents would like to drop by to sit in the back of the PAC during the events, feel welcome. Some classes may have few performers; 5th hour seems to have the most committments.

Btw, the performers and audiences are limited to the students in that particular class.

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