Thursday, May 08, 2008

Thursday quiz on the Pantheon and Parthenon is a comparison essay to be read by a parent next week

CMHS, Shreveport
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Pantheon / Parthenon comparison essay:

1. Use the notes from notebook, print-out, etc. Do not exchange notes or communicate with your neighbors in any way.
2. Base your essay on no less than 3 factual items that will be specified for each building.
3. Open with a colorful, descriptive sentence.
4. Switch back and forth between topics, which is called integration of topics. Do not give the info in separate blocks and add a final integration.
5. Cite your sources (, teacher Robert Trudeau, etc) by the phrase “according to.” Place it at the end of the first sentence of each paragraph.
6. Top it with a
a) smacky title
b) explanatory subtitle
7. Proofread your paper for
- legibility
- speeling
- grammar
8. Name, date, hour in upper right corner!
9. Proofread one more time.
10. 10 pts.
11. After it is scored, this essay must be read by a parent and a signature collected in your notebook.

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