Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Artful, matted map project due Th, Dec 17

In honor of the historic cartographers who brought a wealth of color and decoration to their maps, geography students will create an artful map to display at Magnet and to give as a holiday gift.

1. Purchase a cardboard mat from the craft dept of a store like Walmart or from a hobby store like Michael's or Hobby Lobby. You can choose any size or color. It can be a single layer or multiple layer mat (also written matt).
2. Choose any location for the subject of your map. Among locations I have used in past maps are Massachusetts, state of my birth, Louisiana, also a home to me, New Orleans, my favorite city, and the Mediterranean.
3. On the sheet of paper used for your map, make a colorful border in an appealing design. You'll see that I used a red-yellow block pattern on mine.
4. Color the borders with heavy emphasis. Color the interiors more lightly. Vary colors as would be done in an atlas.
5. Calligraphy means beautiful writing. The lettering of your place names must be as neat as possible.
6. Include a colorful compass rose and a well-drawn symbol.
7. Print your name in the bottom right corner of the map - as well as on the back of the mat.
8. Give your map a title - in larger print. That can be the name of the state or nation or a more elaborate title.
9. Maps will be scored on Th and will return with the student. I hope you can present your map to a member of the family as a holiday gift.
10. Value is 15 pts.