Tuesday, December 01, 2009

SW ASia / Middle East map quiz Thurs

Map quiz, SW Asia:
10 items plus sketch of Arabian peninsula -

- Turkey / Asia Minor (Turk wearing a fez).
- Mediterranean Sea (cruise ship packed w tourists)
- Egypt (Great Pyramids at Giza)
- Israel/ Palestine (ancient, walled city of Jerusalem)
- Saudi Arabia (image of Muhammed at Mecca)
- Jordan (buildings cut into rock at town of Petra)
- Syria (sword blade made in Damascus)
- Iraq / Mesopotamia (cuneiform: reed writing on clay tablets)
- Persian Gulf (oil drilling platform)

Also, open notes quiz on Lawrence of Arabia questions.

Indie work topics:
read about, compare and integrate the facts on
- Ibn Saud and TE Lawrence
- discovery of oil in Arabia and Louisiana