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Lawrence of Arabia study guide - answers to 26 - 60.

Geo class 12/04/09
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26. Damascus
27. Fountains & gardens.
28. The Arab golden age: 750 - 1050.
29. Attack Aqaba from the desert.
30. The desert known as the Nefud.
31. brigand = bandit.
32. England, Egypt, Saudi Arabia.
33. Miracles are created by God.
34. Outcast and illegitimate: bastards.
35. 20 shillings in a British pound. Shilling no longer used.
36. Compassionate = benevolent.
37. British officer's code of conduct.
38. Bodyguards: Sherif Ali.
39. "In sh’Allah:" "God willing."
40. Lawrence does not give up on the lost Bedouin named Gasim.
41. Oasis above, aquifer below. Trees at the typical oasis: date palms.
42. "Nothing is written," says L.
43. L's parents were not married.
44. Liking the indigenous garments, as did L., is called "Going native."
45. Auda's nomadic encampment is in a desert wadi.
46. Camel stick serves a mini-tent pole.
47. The Arabs are known for lacking unity. Saudi Arabia did not become a nation until 1932.
48. A guinea is a former British gold coin worth 21 shillings.
49. Aqaba, on the Gulf of Aqaba, an arm of the Red Sea.
50. Ululation: a long, wavering, high-pitched sound resembling the howl of a dog or wolf with a trilling quality.
51. "An eye for an eye." "A life for a life." The Code of Hammurabi, 1700 BC, Babylonia, established this form of justice.
52. The irony is that Gasim, recently saved from being lost in the desert by Lawrence, is the condemned. L, having saved his life, now must take that life - in order to prevent a "tribal bloodbath."
53. The Turks at Aqaba are flummoxed by the Arabs' raid because it is audacious - surprising - and quick.
54. Cross the Sinai Peninsula to get from Aqaba to Cairo.
55. Desert quicksand.
56. Camels first fold their front legs.
57. In 1915 the Suez Canal was hugrly important to the British.
58. Wog: offensive British slang term used to refer to people of color from Africa or Asia.
59. "Undisciplined" but "knowledgeable:" Lt. Lawrence.
60. In WWI the British attacked the Turkish-held Mid East and drove the Turks from the holy city of Jerusalem.
61. Colonel: “You acted without orders.”
Lieutenant: “Shouldn’t an officer use their initiative at all times?”
Answer: Both are correct; it is a classic argument and there is no easy answer.