Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Lawrence of Arabia (1962) guide / answers

Guide to the Lawrence of Arabia quiz / study guide -

1. 200 mins = how many hours??
2. Rolls is a British make.
3. Complex hero; yes.
4. Articulate soldier. Cartography: maps.
5. 1914 to 1918? WWI
6. Your portfolio is also a dossier.
7. English, French, Arabic and additional languages.
8. Bedouins work with the Brits, if uneasily.
9. The Officer's Lounge is a mess.
10. Feisal of Mecca.
11. Gun lust. Diplomacy, or bridge-building.
12. Wadis are ancient canyons carved by water.
13. Tribal neighbors nearly always find conflict.
14. Goat skin water bucket.
15. Salaam aleikum!
16. Find the nation of Monte Carlo on the Med between France and Spain.
17. Seconded: to be posted as second in responsibility.
18. Bi-winged aeroplane.
19. German airplanes were excellent of design and build.
20. They tend to say "Orance" instead of "Lawrence."
21. Wives of the Emir, or Pasha, or Sheik, are traditionally ensconced so that their modesty is unimpeached.
22. The Qu'ran, aka the Koran.
23. Education at Oxford remains a prestigious background to this day.
24. The Suez Canal is no longer important in shipping. It is too narrow for supertankers. But for decades is was very strategic.
25. British discipline - orderliness, organization - is an important factor in understanding the success of the British Empire.