Friday, December 18, 2009

Cars of the World presentation . . .

Categorized by nation of the manufacturer's headquarters, make a list of all the world's auto brand names. Work with a partner under GoogleDoc presentations.

- As you list the brands, number the companies under each nation.
- You may include car companies that are no longer making vehicles but which are part of the nation's history.
- Include an illustration of a car for approximately every 5 companies.
- If you discover car companies we would consider minor, please list them in a batch at the end.
- Document.

The Euro nations that you will research include England, France, Germany, Italy, Sweden and Russia.

In Asia you will also inquire into Japan, China, South Korea and India.

There are numerous US brands, including a world of historic companies. You may list them all. Remember, get an illustration every 5th company. Defunct US auto brands constitute a fascinating part of what we call American History.