Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Chrysler Building from Below

Chrysler Building from Below
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The Chrysler Bldg and the Empire State Bldg look alike but you will learn the differences between them in our unit on NYC.

The unit will focus on the history and contemporary power of the Big Apple.

We'll begin by building an improved digital presentation on Gotham. The topics, to be pursued by pairs of students:
Staten Is. / NY harbor
Ellis Island / immigration

United Nations
Columbia University
Central Park
Lower East Side
Greenwich Village

Fifth Avenue

Projects are due Monday, at 15 pts.
Quality of presentation will be scored at 5 pts.
We have 2 days in the library to get the project almost complete.
* Five slides with large photos.

* Brief background - 3 bulleted phrases - on each slide.
* One slide must focus on a comparison (your choice of comparison topic).
* One additional bibliography slide: 2 sources on prointed material and 1 on photos.

Among our objectives in this unit ...
* Immigration timeline.
* Comparing NYC harbor to our recent study of New Orleans and the Gulf coast.
* Reasons that NYC is considered the capital of the world.


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