Friday, September 30, 2005

Progress reports in students' hands Friday, Sept 30

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Unscheduled but important updates on scores are going out to all students today.

If you are absent, please email or call me to get your average.

Recent papers are being returned, too. To me the most important piece of work is the brief essay at the end of each open notes quiz.

Am open to bonus credit papers at all times. At the moment research and comparison essays on the Arabian horse and the princely sport of falconry are welcome.

More bonus work:
research and compare . . .

* the World Trade Center (yes, I know it was destroyed in 2001) and the Empire State Bldg.

* the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Los ngeles County Museum of Art (both have deluxe online offerings).

* the Dutch and the British in their roles as colonizers of New Amsterdam/New York.

* the role of indigenous peoples and that of African-Americans in the history of New York.

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