Friday, September 23, 2005

Happy equinox: notes from Fr, Sept 23

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Equinox: nox, nacht, noche all mean ...?
Solstice: sol, soleil, sonne all mean ... ?
stare, static, status all relate to what meaning?
sombre? somber?

Romans create Latin ("Cogito, ergo sum.").
Languages that flow forth are called Romance after the Romans.
* Portuguese
* Italian ("Prego," please)
* Spanish
* French

carte - paper
a la carte - "by the menu"
Magna Charta "great charter," limited the king's power.

WG, pp. 6 and 7
1) Sketch the 2 maps which explain the Great Circle Route (shortest distance).
2) Create a map representative of the Mercator Projection.
3) Add titles and color.
4) Globe: accurate and portable.
Mercator map: distorted, esp. near the poles; sizes distorted but the shapes are accurate. And it's portable.

Great Circle Route-related 1983 Disaster: 270 dead aboard a Korean Airlines jumbo jet on a flight from Los Angeles to Seoul, S. Korea. Because the flight mistakenly flew over the Russian island of Sakhalin, the Russians shot the civilian plane out of the sky. Why was it the flight slightly off course? Partly, because the pilots were using the Great Circle Route, partly because of pilot error in programming the flight.

Independent work - bonus points - for a descriptive review of the Talent Show. Compare 2 acts. Evaluate. Be specific.

Try a service called for storm tracking.

Another bonus essay: research and compare the history of the Arabian horse and history of falconry.

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