Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Cuneiform tablet from Assyrian trading post

Cuneiform is the ancient writing from Mesopotamia - from Iraq. Made with a reed stylus, these pictographic characters are connected to our writing (please see World Book, etc, for the connection).

Why do students know plenty about hieroglyphics and so little about cuneiform script?
a) Egyptian monuments were made in stone. Assyrian and Babylonian monuments and proclamations were made in clay and sun-baked brick. Thus erosion delayed archaeologists in their exhumation of the achievements of the Meosopotamians.
Americans love Egyptian culture. Somehow we find it comforting. The culture of the Babylonians, however, remains alien and forbidding to Westerners.

Map quiz Thursday: hand-sketched Iraq and neighbors, or SW Asia.

Ask a geography student why Middle East is an ethnocentric term and why SW Asia is an appropriate term for the Fertile Crescent region.

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