Thursday, September 29, 2005

Important tool in a cool school: flash drive

Having announced that my students must present an electronic portfolio at the end of the semester, I must again recommend the flash drive for storage.

See earlier in the blog for more on flash drives and the personal digital timeline, please.

This week I've found flash drives listed online at Target for $18 and at Walgreens for $19. Both are 128 mb, which is more than adequate for a student over years of money-saving, trouble-free use. I have a 64 mb which holds a huge amount of material; if you can find a 64 they cost less than $20.

The diskettes - the small floppy disks - are so cheaply made nowadays that at least 25% of them go kaput overnight.

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trudeau said...

One of my son's friends, a photographer based in Austin, TX, believes students should consider an iPod shuffle as an effective flash drive. He wrote "Flash drives are pretty handy.
I think it might be worth the extra 50$ smackers
for a Ipod Shuffle.
You can find a refurb for 70 some-odd dollars
for a 512.
You can hold your 128 Digital Prez.
and still have 384 Megs for Jamz."

By "refurb" he means that Apple sells refurbished products on their web site for a discount. The savings are not huge but they are enticing.