Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Cancun sunset: exploring the map of Mexico

Cancun-sunset-2005 #2
Originally uploaded by Kitas Papa.
Map review:

1) 2 Mexican peninsulas:
2) 3 bodies of water bordering Mex.
3) Volcanic mountain peak east of Mex City.
4) Pacific resort.
5) Two southern neighbors.
6) 2nd most populous city.
7) Island.
8) 4 states.
9) Mountain range.
10) T / F There are over a hundred WalMarts in Mexico.

1. Baja, Yucatan.
2. Gulf of Mex, Pacific, Caribbean.
3. Popocatepetl
4. Acapulco, cabo san Lucas.
5. Guatemala, Belize.
6. Guadalajara
7. Cozumel, Cancun, Mujeres.
8. AZ, CA, NM, TX
9. Sierra madre Oriental, also SM Occidental and SM del Sur.
10. True, acc to Walmart.com.

palapa (see illustration)


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