Monday, April 10, 2006

The Gift of the Nile: Aegypticus

Felucca on the Nile
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Romans gave Egypt its name. But the Nile gave it fertile land and a habitable strip in the midst of the desert sands.

- Alexandria / Alexander the Great
* the library
- Cairo / Memphis was the city in this location during the Pharaonic era.
- Giza, home of the Great Pyramids.
- Luxor, once called Thebes, was the site of the gigantic Temple of Amun-Re.
- Red Sea (which is in no way reddish)
- Saudi Arabia
- Israel / Palestine
- Sinai peninsula
- Libya
- Sudan
- the Nile, pronounced Nil (neel).

Egypt in the news -

* Gospel of Judas text found in Egypt in 1970. Announced by National Geographic this month.
- Coptic Egyptian language
- 300 AD
- found in an Egyptian cave.

* 9/11/2001: most of the attackers of the Pentagon and WTC were Egyptian-born. Osama is from Saudi Arabia, however.

Foreign aid from the US to Egypt has been deluxe. They are important allies in the Mid East regtion.

Most populous cities . . .
Most populous US cities . . .

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