Tuesday, April 18, 2006

The lotus columns of Luxor's Temple of Amun Ra

20060204_168 Luxor Temple
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Wed. Library research so as to create a comparison between a pharaoh aqnd other political leader from another nation, another era.

Thurs: Map quiz, Egypt. Hand-sketched.

Fri. Begin presentations on Comparisons based on pharaohs. Can be either an essay or 6-slide powerpoint.

Map review:
1. Egyptian peninsula.
2. Ancient capital of Lower Egypt.
3. Ancient capital of Upper Egypt.
4. The delta.
5. Old Kingdom monuments.
6. Valley of the Kings.
7. Cleopatra's capital.
8. Monument near border with Sudan.
9. Nation that is the source of the Blue Nile.
10. Body of water that is the source of the White Nile.

Bonus credit for writing about the
Spring Dance being sponsored by the Class of 09.

* 5 to 8 pm on Fri, Ap 21.
* tickets must be purchased in advance, $3.
* we need chaperones; all p[arents are welcome, even if you can only stay one hour.
* pizza and coke on sale after school for those staying for the dance.

Don't forget building the images in your digital portfolio. At semester's end you must have 7 images from this semester, half representing school activities.

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