Wednesday, April 26, 2006

A visit to Maya country via Spanish teacher Pablo Flowers

When CMHS teacher Paul Flowers went to the Mexican state of Tabasco at spring break, he took his camera and brought back images of country life and Mayan history.

Here's some of what I learned when we combined classes:
* hermanos: "brothers"
* iglesias: "church"
* in rural Mexico, physicians do not earn the princely salaries collected by US docs.
* a taco is simply a soft tortilla plus spicy meat.
* the Mayan ruins of Palenque include pyramids, ball court, residences, astronomical observatory and a great deal of relief sculpture.
* Protestant churches are important to the Mexican people today; once all of Mexico was Roman Catholic.
* rural Mexicans slaughter cattle on site for a big gathering. they consume *every bit* of the carcass.
* the giant mango tree and many other fruit trees are common in the tropical region.
* ranch hands make perhaps $5 per day, but they work only about 4 hours and their cost of living - for basics - is low.
* cacao is one of the rich products of the jungle of southern Mexico.

Examine the map of Maya territory. Which of today's countries lies upon their lands?

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