Thursday, April 20, 2006

It's 500 BC; you have left your home in Greece and arrived in Egypt

Bedouin Girl
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Imagine a Mediterranean journey . . .

This week's essay asks you to comb your notes for details that will bring to life a journey from Greece to Egypt in 500 BC. That date represents the high point of Athenian civilization, yet in Egypt the glorious reign of the Pharaohs has ended. Describe a sea voyage from Athens to Alexandria and a trek down the Nile to Thebes. Describe yourself (aristocrat? slave?) and your companions. Include dialogue. Your points will come from descriptions of architecture, landscape and cultural elements. Use your notes! BTW, in 500 BC Egypt has been conquered by the Persians and the Pharaonic era has been over for some time. 10 pts (or up to 15 for outstanding inclusion of abundant detail).

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