Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Pop-up map of Egypt's most important ancient sites

Tues, Avril 11, students worked from a 2-sheet handout in making a pop-up map of Ancient Egypt. This is my summary of the sites most likely to be alluded to in games, movies, TV shows, commercials and literature.

* Gizeh / Great Pyramids
* Temple of Amun-Ra at Luxor
* Thebes, ancient capital
* Heliopolis, religious center
* Memphis, earliest capital
* Valley of the Kings, across the Nile from Luxor.
* Abu Simbel, the sculptural monument built by Ramses II near the border with today's Sudan.
* Nubia, the region of Southern Egypt and Northern Sudan which was the "land of gold."
* Alexandria, the city founded by Alexander of Macedonia, bearer of Greek language and culture.

* Open notes quiz on video "Egypt: quest for immortality," the map and notes. 20 pts.
* Pop-up map / 5 pt project.

Independent work:
Type a 5-question multiple-choice quiz on the map and get responses from a parent, sibling or other adult.

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