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Mummy of Antjau

Mummy of Antjau
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Egyptian pharaoh comparison reports due Mon, Ap 24.

1) Choose either essay or powerpoint-type presentation.
2) Pp:
* each slide must address both topics
* keep each slide simple: 2 to 3 bulleted items.
* have script from which to read.
* include a source on each image.
* have a photo-type image in each slide.
* include a map.
3) must be balanced by use of,,, britannica, etc. Please use 2 traditional sources in addition to wikipedia.
4) Snappy title, explanatory subtitle, grammar, spelling.
5) Please don';t use a diskette. Lately 9 out of 10 of them don't work in C4's computers. Please use a flash drive or

Basic comparison personages:
Tutankhamen, Ramses II, Akhenaton, Hatshepsut and the non-pharaonic era person, Cleopatra VII.
To whom can you compare them?
Any political leader from another era and another nation. Ex: Montezuma, Louis XIV, etc.

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