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French cuisine and Seven French regions

Jaime with Escargots
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* Escargots Burguignon: snails served in a garlic-butter sauce.
* fromage: cheese
* brie: a type of goat cheese
* mayonnaise: olive oil, eggs, lemon, etc.
* pomme de terre frites: french fries
* ecrevisses: crawfish
* boudin noir: rice-filled pork sausage - with congealed blood.
* pate de foie gras: liver paste; made of fattened goose livers.
* truffles: underground fungus
* boeuf Burguignon: beef stew with wine
* petit dejeuner : breakfast
* dejeuner: lunch (typically, 2 hours)
* le diner: supper (2 hrs later than American supper).
*pain perdu: French toast.
* quiche Lorraine: egg-cheese pie.
* Perrier: bottled water from France.

Regions -
* Normandy (D Day)
* Brittany (British immigrants)
* Bordeaux: wine & food region on the Atlantic side.
* Provence: Matisse and Picasso painted here.
* Cote d'Azur / French Riviera: expensive beaches.
* Burgundy: wine and cuisine region on the East.
* Champagne: part of Burgundy.

Additionally -
Pyrenees Mts. border between France & Espana.
Corsica: napoleon Bobaparte's home.
Strait of Dover: some 24 miles across.
English Channel: Dover to Calais.
Belgium: fabrics, waffles, oysters, beers.
Luxembourg: high standard of living.
Deutschland: traditional foe of the French.
Switzerland: banks, watches, chalets.
L'Italia: Nutella, autos, fabrics, the Renaissance.
Espana: Also part of the Roman Empire.

* hand-sketched map of France and neighbors. Vocabulary quiz: France and Swing Kids.

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