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Swing Kids (1993): a tale of resistance against the Nazis

Swing Kids (1993)
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Hamburg, 1939
The story of a close-knit group of young kids in Nazi Germany who listen to banned swing music from the US. Soon dancing and fun leads to more difficult choices as the Nazi's begin tightening the grip on Germany. Each member of the group is forced to face some tough choices about right, wrong, and survival, says

Not all Deutsches cooperated with the Nazis. Many young Germans realized that the Fascist regime was corrupt and that the Nazi rule was demonic.

Students who loved jazz were considered rebels. Many of them realized the Nazi racist point of view was irrational.

Rejected along with Jews were African-Americans and their dancing and music (as well as Gypsies, Slavs, the handicapped, etc.).

Swing Kids presents us with a smooth-talking Gestapo agent played by actor Kenneth Branagh.

Who says, "You must learn to steel yourself," in regards cooperating with the Nazis? The hero's mother. She lost her husband to Nazi imprisonment and lived under nerve-wracking Gestapo observation for years.

See more about the actors and reviews of Swing Kids at

vocab -
Axis powers: Deutschland, L'Italia (both fascist), japan

Allied powers: Great Britain (GB), France, USA, Russia (despite a cooperation treaty, the Russians were invaded by Hitler; Russia recovered from their losses and helped defeat the German armies).

D-Day - Allied invasion of France.
Schindler's List is based on a true story; I recommend it highly. Saving Private Ryan is also
based on historically accurate material; also recommended.

Map quiz: 3 cities; the remaining 12 items must be neighboring nations and bodies of water.

Da; nyet. Ja; nein. Which languages?
Alte schule, real schule, gymnasium.

Albrecht Durer (1500), Renaissance artist in Germany. First to produce prints (via engraving) of his work and have them widely and inexpensively distributed. See Johann Gutenberg.

Maia: Roman goddess for which we have the month of May.

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