Friday, May 19, 2006

Symbolism in the medieval gowns worn at graduation

* Commencement: a beginning
* mortar board: masons
* skull cap: scholars, the devout of many faiths
* gown: monk-like garb, scholar's garb.
* vale - Latin: "goodbye." valedictorian gives the goodbye speech.
* salut: L: "hello." salutatorian gives hello speech.
* cum laude - Latin: with honors.
* magna cum laude: with great honors
* summa cum laude: highest honors
* capuch / monk's hood: hanging on back of faculty academic gown. colors in stylized hood denote college and field of study.
* sleeves' length indicate higher degrees.

Anyone remember the young mogul Larry Page? Why is this man addressing grads at the U of Michigan, a high-status school?

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