Monday, May 22, 2006

Semester exam: hand-sketched map & open notes, mult.-choice questions

Semester exam -

1. Hand-drawn map of Western Europe, 20 items. Your choice of nations, cities, bodies of water, mtns. and other sites studied in class.

2. Open notes section: you will have a Scantron sheet and 100 multiple-choice questions. Use a pencil, of course.
* You may use a web site print-out or the usual classroom resources - textbook, dictionaries, encyclopedia, etc. You may not use a computer.
* Questions will be drawn from each of the units we've had since January.
* All questions are from tests we've covered this semester.
* No communication of any sort during the exam! 20 pt. penalty for violating the guidelines. Quietly check with me on any and all concerns.

Portfolios are still being graded - it's a 15 pt assignment - and still being accepted. Submitting a late project is far better than ignoring it.
* Extra credit work period ended May 18.


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