Thursday, May 18, 2006

Summer movies on England: the Beatles and the 60's

Highly recommended for fun and cultural awareness:
A Hard Days Night (1966) reveals the thick Liverpudlian accents of the Beatles, who had lower-middle class origins. It's a silly sort of extended music video - in B/W - but it has charming moments and offers insights into the zeitgeist of the mid 1060's in England.

Help! was the Beatles second flic. It, too, has plenty of colorful Britishisms. It also features considerable travel (Bahamas, Switzerland).

Also based on the smartly-crefted songs of the Beatles was an animated film, Yellow Submarine. It is a marvelous pin-wheely vision of the psychedelic art style. Yellow Submarine is undoubtedly too lengthy, but it is stunning in its fist 45 minutes. Also recommended.

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