Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Project: Two Illustrated Pages on Europe in WWII

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As a culminating activity re the movie Swing Kids I want you to create a page with 5 graphics (clip art, sketches, etc) surrounding notes on the movie.

Here are basic notes:
* "His voice of hate. His promises of glory." a letter by Peter Muller's father in regards Germans opposing Hitler.

* We are not in charge. We cannot know what's really going on." Thomas Berger in regards understanding the Nazis' murderious activities.

* "You must steel yourself." Muller's mother on how to survive the brutality of the nazi regime.

* "I was once like you." Gestapo officer Knopp in his effort to get Peter to convert to Nazism.

* "We are murdering Austrians, Poles and Czechs." Arvid, the musician, on the silence of the German people in the face of Nazi atrocities.

* 1939 - 1940 timeframe of the movie.
* Hamburg, the site of the story (though filmed in Prague, Czechoslovakia).

* Swing kids:
- resist joining the Hitler Jugend
- Listen & dance to jazz, smuggle in jazz records.
- long hair, English-style clothes.
- anti-Nazi.

* "It don't mean a thing if it ain't got that swing." tune by jazz bandleader Duke Ellington.

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