Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Scholars: top scorers on the geography semester exam

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Exams represent only one of the ways we measure intelligence and ability to learn. But testing is endemic to modern society. It is a skill to be cultivated.

Here are the top scorers - those past the 90% mark - in the open notes, multiple-choice section of the geography exam (everyone did well on the hand-sketched map of Western Europe, which was used as the source of points for a curved scale:

1st hr: Anuj Chaniyara
3rd hr: Latisha Williams, Blake Holloway, Ahmad Nawabi.
5th hr: Christina Howard, Jenny Owen, Joshua Atkins, India Davis, Adam West, Kendall Belcher, Michael Harb and the highest scorer overall: Charles Madden.
2nd hr: RJ Bowman, Rebecca Ebarb, James Hall and Craig Smith.
6th hr: Michelle Cardone, Colton Cowley and John Michael Provenza.

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