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Checklist for Stoner Elem Teaching Project

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Sharing what we know with others is a CMHS theme

Teaching lesson for 4th & 5th graders at Stoner Elementary / Trudeau

Tentatively the visit will take place - by school bus - Mon, Oct 30, during the class hour.
Project is due Th, Oct 26. All typed. Total 25 pts.
choose one topic / theme:
1) Mesopotamia 2) War in Iraq

a) 3 lesson pages: one large colorful image on a page with 3 items of explanation. Vocabulary! 9 points.
Neatness! spelling!
b) Hands-on activity; ex, cuneiform vs hieroglyphics or a clay pinch pot. 3 pts
c) Colorful puzzle map: 8 labels with symbols, such as national flag. 5 pts Neatness! Borders; spelling!
d) Pre and post-lesson quiz of 5 mult-choice questions.
5 pts.
e) Student profile question sheet. 2 pts
f) Envelope or baggie so as not to lose map symbols.
g) Documentation! Titling! 3 pts.

Latitude & longitude is a grade level expectation we need to include in our plans.


Independent work -

* Research and compare Cuneiform and Arabic writing.
* " " " the Ziggurat and the Aztec or Mayan temples.
* " " " the development of the wheel in Mesopotamia and in ancient China.
* " " " clothing, jewelry and hair styles as seen in ancient art of Mesopotamia and China.

4th grade Objectives

1. Draw, complete, or add features to a map (including such map elements
as a title, compass rose, legend, and scale), based on information given in
narrative form. (G-1A-E3)
2. Describe how physical and human characteristics (e.g., clothing, jobs,
shelter, modes of travel, and tools) have changed since colonial times.
3. Explain physical and human developments in a region since it was first
settled, based on given information. (G-1B-E3)
4. Develop or complete a timeline based on information given in a passage.
5. Interpret data presented in a timeline. (H-1A-E1)
6. Discuss historical events in chronological order based on information in a
timeline or given text. (H-1A-E1)
7. Describe the past in contrast to the present. (H-1A-E1)
8. Describe family life at a given time in history (e.g., early America) or
compare present-day family life with family life in a past time—e.g.,
homes, jobs, schooling, dress, customs, housekeeping, recreation,
transportation, communication, etc. (H-1B-E1)
9. Explain change or continuity over time (e.g., explain how a society has
changed over a given period of time based on information in stimulus
material). (H-1A-E2)
10. Contrast the viewpoints of people living in an earlier time to the
perspective of people today. (H-1A-E2)
11. Identify or describe early settlers in America (e.g., Pilgrims) and early
settlers in Louisiana (e.g., French, Spanish, Acadians). (H-1C-E1)

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