Thursday, October 05, 2006

Hand-sketched map of Israel Fri; write 5 mult-choice questions about Jerusalem

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Jerusalem project presentations on Th, Oct 5, included:

a) Description of the city's elements - Dome of the Rock, etc.
b) Quote from your brief bio - so the class might try to name the famous figure being described.
c) Documentation - where you got your info.

- pronunciation of Church of the Holy Sepulchre (seh’ pul ker)
- do not use Google or Yahoo as a source. Those are internet portals, sites through which you go to get to the actual source.

Write 5 mult-choice questions to accompany your Jerusalem project. Try to write 2 easy, 1 medium difficulty, and 1 challenging. Put it on a page facing the Jerusalem project.
Worth 5 pts. When combined with notes on teaching Jerusalem as a lesson to a student or adult.

Arab dhow - graceful ship used in trade that spanned the Arabian Sea and Indian ocean. Traders traveled from India to Africa on dhows.

On sailing: lakes offer variable winds; they are almost constantly changing their direction and velocity. Coastal areas have comfortable, steady breezes.
- The physics of sailing into the wind are fascinating.
- Learning sailing: S’pt Yacht Club. See more at

Guest speakers next week:

Tues. Egyptologist Dr. Bill Needles

Wed. Jewish studies expert Dr. Jana DeBenedetti; please see

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