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Dr Jana DeBenedetti blows the Jewish shofar at cmhs

Dr Jana blows the shofar at cmhs
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Jewish studies were terrifically enhanced when Dr Jana DeBenedetti spoke to classes at Cmhs. "Dr J," a Magnet parent as well Hebrew scholar, as spoke to hours 2, 3 and 4. The theme that emerged from her explanations was the commonality of Judaism, islam and Christianity. She showed the classes Judaica: a shofar (ram's horn trumpet), 2 menorahs, talit (prayer shawl), yarmulke and other items.

In my notes:

Dr Jana DeBenedetti, 10-11

- Jewish symbol: 7 branched menorah / 8 plus 1 is the Hannuka menorah.
- Torah: 5 books mnemonic: “General Electric lights never dim.”

- Jewish congregations
Orthodox - strict observance of the ancient laws. Ex: Hassidim.
Conservative - moderate strictness.
Reform (liberal; most American Jews are Reform and do not follow kosher or attend the synagogue regularly).

Similarities between Arabic and Hebrew (ancient communication written w hammer & chisel, right to left)
- right to left
- no vowels
- similar sounds (shalom, salaam).
Sims between Islam and Judaism -
- dietary guidelines
- prayer

*bar (“son of”) mitzvah (“commandment”) or bat (“daughter”) mitzvah
- yarmulke, aka kippa

Kosher review -
- the word Unclean does not mean “dirty,” but means “taboo.”
- acceptable animals: chew their cud and have cloven hooves.
- slaughter must be by knife, followed by draining of blood and packing in salt (kosher salt - large flakes).
- not OK: pork, horse, cat, dog.
- no predator fowl.
- fish must have fins, scales (no catfish).
- no shellfish (oysters, clams, mussels)
- no crustaceans (crawfish, lobster, shrimp)
- separate dairy and meat in kitchen prep and in meals.

BC has another name: BCE - Before Common Era
AD also has another name: CE - Common Era, aka Anno Domini (year of our Lord)
3 different calendars: Jewish, Christian, Muslim.

Klezmer music - jazzy Jewish pop.

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