Friday, October 06, 2006

Using the Jerusalem Project on your classmates and family; 5 questions on the ancient walled city

Fri 10-06-06
Students use the Jerusalem project as a learning process across the campus. Having gotten my approval on their 5 questions, students will show project and quiz to adults and students and record the responses. Bonus credit may be earned Monday when a paragraph will be written evaluating the activity.

Friday's Test of quick recall on Israel and its neighbors.
* 12 items.
* Include the sea whose name means “middle” of the “earth,” or the water between 2 continents.
* Hand sketched borders; spelling, legibility.


Jewish studies
Patriarchs in the 2000 - 1500 BC era: Abraham,
Moses, Joseph, Isaac, Jacob.

In the synagogue (or temple) you will find the Law of Moses, or Torah. It includes the books of Genesis (birth”), Exodus (“emigration”), Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy.

Jewish foods:
- bagels & cream cheese & smoked salmon (lox)
- pita bread plus olive oil or yogurt.


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