Sunday, October 22, 2006

Oct 23 - 27: Complete Mesopotamian/Iraqi Teaching Project as homework

Tentatively geo students will teach their Mesopotamian unit or lessons on the War in Iraq to students at Stoner Elementary on Mon, Oct 30. I'm waiting for confirmation of the bus arrangements. Classes will bus to and from Stoner Elem during the class hour, thus no classes will be missed. Our pupils will be either 4th or 5th graders, says Mrs. Martha Anderson, Stoner Elem. Coordinator.

Deadline for the 25 pt. project, however, is Thur, Oct 26. Students will lose 10 pts per day if late. All were given an explanatory check list in class Friday.

Intro to India and neighbors Afghanistan, Pakistan & Bangladsesh -
what is the relationship between the Middle East and Central Asia?

Hindu and Muslim culture and the continuing conflicts. Intro to Mohandas K. Gandhi.

Wed. The Taj Mahal, a blend of Islamic, Persian and Indian design. Mumtaz Mahal and the Shah Jahan.

Scoring of the Teaching Unit. Brief presentations of the package from each student.

Intro to Hindu mythology and the music of India.

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