Friday, October 27, 2006

Gandhi and the US / Map quiz Tues., Open notes on Thurs.

A soulful connection betwwen India and the US . . .

Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, the Mahatma, or Great Soul -
1869 -1948
Raised in Porbandor, India, on Arabian Sea.
Led movement to free India from British Colonial rule.
30 years of leading demonstrations and being jailed.
Also fought against
- caste system
- Hindu-Muslim conflict.
- His agenda was emulated by Martin Luther King, Jr, in the US Civil Rights movement. King used a wide array of techniques established by Gandhi:
* civil disobedience
* non-violence
* Christian principles
* innovative demonstrations
* use of the media
* use of the courts.

Both men were victims of assassination by extremists (fanatics, radicals).


* Map of India quiz Tuesday.
12 items between neighbors, landmarks, cities & bodies of water.
* India open notes quiz on Thurs.


Aryans brought the Sanskrit language and caste system to India about 2000 BC. The word "swastika" is Sanskrit. It means “good fortune.” It is a common symbol of ancient China, India and the tribes of Native America. In the early 1900's it was used in Germany by nationalist groups. Hitler used it because it tied in with the Aryan connection in his propaganda campaign.

dhoti - basic man’s skirt of working class India.

The cuisine of India:
Dylan Zepeda and Kaitlin Williams recently brought delicious dishes to class.
- Garam masala chicken was made by Kaitlin and her mom. It was made with the spicy masala mixture and yogurt.
- Samosas were made by Dylan and his father. A spicy ground meat mixture is wrapped in puff pastry to make the popular treat.

Which is more complex, the spicy cooking of India or that of Creole and Cajun cooks?


Independent work:
* Research & compare the lives of Gandhi and Hitler.
* R & c a garam masala and an etouffee.
* R & c the regions of Kashmir and the Punjab.
* R & c the cities of Mumbai and NYC.
* R & c the colonial rule of India and the US.


Sunni and Shi’a differences are based on how the Muslim community decided to name the successor to the Prophet Muhammad. The Sunni felt that election from among powerful leaders was good. The Shi’a felt that relatives of the Prophet should be favored.