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Class of 2010 Talent Show tryouts Th, Nov 16, Mon, Nov 27

Class of 2010
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The freshman class talent show welcomes first-years with all possible entertaining performances: dance, voice, piano, violin, martial arts, comedy, dramatic reading, etc. Please see the big picture below.

CMHS Freshman Class Talent Show Overview /
Robert Trudeau, Pam Anderson, Paul Flowers
Goals -
To build leadership skills.
To create a student team and class network.
To emphasize planning and preparation as success modes.
To offer challenges to students’ problem-solving strategies.
To present and develop entertainment talents.
To develop skills of communication.
To integrate parents into the Cmhs community.
Activities -
Long range planning in meetings after school.
Develop entertainment ideas by group discussion.
To identify and oversee the development of talent.
Write theme, skit ideas and other communications.
Create a visual theme in stage and print.
Develop alternative media such as video presentations.

Week after Thanksgiving break for production:
Mon. - auditions and scoring of candidates by teachers, parents and students.
Tues. - Announcement of talent lineup. After school run through of performances. Stage crew and production crew guidelines. Statement of overall goals and guidelines.
Wed. - Run-through of skits and talent. Development of presentations and timing.
Thur. - Printing of program. Tightening of timing in stage production. Complete the installation of the set.
Fri. - Dress rehearsal immediately after school. Performance at 7 pm. Clean up and put-away after performance.

- Student art show in lobby.
- Program sheet.
- Awards.
- Video.
- Concessions.

Class of 2010 Talent Show, Fri, Dec 1, 7 pm
Caddo Magnet High School / Robert Trudeau, sponsor
The week of Mon., Nov. 27, to Fri., Dec. 1, will be production week (until 5 pm each day!) for what may be the best freshman talent show ever. Here’s the schedule:
Thur., Nov. 16, 4 pm: auditions, PAC.
Mon., Nov. 27, 4 pm: (the week after Thanksgiving break) :
- Final auditions, PAC, 4 pm.
- Run-through for those accepted after early auditions.
- Presentations by stage design, skit and writing teams in PAC.
Tues., Nov. 28:
- Final posting of those chosen for performances.
- Rehearsal until 5 pm.
- Set construction, writing production. Sound & lighting team orientation.
Wed., Nov. 29:
- Rehearsal until 5 pm.
- Skits, sets, stage production and program booklet development.
Thur., Nov. 30:
- Rehearsal until 5 pm.
- Re-do of weak scripts. Install set.
- Parent meeting for concessions, tickets, etc. 4:30 pm.
Fri., Dec. 1
- After school dress rehearsal. No one goes home!
- Supper backstage.
- 7 pm performance.
- Clean-up and put-away afterwards.
Additional features -
* Student art show in lobby.
* Program booklet.
* Awards.
* Video presentation.
* Concessions.
* Invitations to 8th graders.

To volunteer: