Friday, November 03, 2006

An overview of the life of MK Gandhi

India - Varanasi
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Mohandas K. Gandhi, 1868 - 1948
1. Gandhi’s nation? a) India b) Pakistan c) Afghanistan d) Iran.
2. The era of his greatest work? a) late 1800’s b) early 1900’s c) middle 1900’s d) late 1900’s.
3. His style of political action was emulated by a famous American. a) JFK b) LBJ c) MLK d) FDR.
4. Gandhi fought against the __ control of his nation. a) French
b) British c) Belgian d) German.
5. Gandhi also tried to change the ancient social system which divided the people of India by their inherited __. a) aristocracy
b) region c) skin color d) caste.
6. Gandhi attempted to bring peace to two warring sides of India: a) Hindu & Christian b) Hindu & Muslim c) Muslim & Christian d) Hindu & Buddhist.
7. Gandhi was a) Hindu b) Muslim c) Christian.
8. He was educated in London in a) medicine b) journalism
c) psychology d) law.
9. Gandhi’s early struggle for fair treatment of the people of India was in a nation where poor Indians worked as miners: a) S. Africa b) Kenya c) Yemen.
10. Gandhi’s unremitting efforts for India’s independence finally brought him wealth and political office. T / F