Thursday, November 16, 2006

Five Presidents, the Cold War and Vietnam

John and Robert
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Informal timeline project
- 10 pts.
- brief notes.
- due Tues, Nov 28
- on paper or via digital presentation.

Include -

5 presidents' images, dates & brief bios
and brief descriptions of 5 of the following (between the presidents entries):

Geneva Accord
Gulf of Tonkin Resolution
Ho Chi Minh
guerilla warfare
Anti-war protest movement
NVA & VC in Tet Offensive
Counterculture movement
My Lai village massacre
Vietnamese refugees: "boat people"
Mekong River
Armaments of the conflict
My students may make creative decisions regarding the style and format of presenting these facts. The goal is to give you an overview before you meet your veteran for the primary source interview.