Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Viet map project: All eyes on 'Nam, 1950 - 1975

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All Eyes on 'Nam, 1950 - 1975

On a sketch of world map (see pp 2 - 3) please
a) put a rim of color around the following nations, all involved in the Vietnam conflict.
b) draw arrows from the nations to Vietnam
c) along the arrow/line add a brief explanation of that nation's role in the war.
d) add an original title.
5 pt. project

France - controlled Indochina from 1840's to 1954
NYC - HQ of the United Nations; UN splits Vietnam into 2 nations, North and South, in 1954.
USA - Fights against spread of communism by N Vietnam.
Australia - ally of US that sends troops.
New Zealand - ally who sends troops.
Canada - ally who sends troops to 'Nam.
China - guns & money to N Vietnam
Russia - guns & money to N Viets