Wednesday, November 29, 2006

The global peregrinations of the potable known as Qahwah, or Coffee

Coffee Plant
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An outline of the history of the spread of coffee (qahwah, Arabic):

1. Ethiopian origins.
2. Mocha, Yemen.
3. Arabian peninsula and nearby nations such as Turkey & Egypt.
4. Europeans
- coffee houses in London, Amsterdam, Vienna & Paris were centers for writers and thinkers in 1700's.
5. Spread of coffee cultivation via the European colonies.
6. Java, Indonesia and other Asian nations, such as India and Vietnam.
7. East Africa, ex. Kenya.
8. Brazil (largest crop in the world) and other South American nations such as Colombia.
9. Caribbean nations such as Jamaica.

Italian terms:
- espresso
- cappucino
- latte
- barista

- frappe
- demi-tasse
- cafe au lait

cafe con leche